Monday, 9 May 2011

The love of your life

You are a young couple and you are very much in love. You live together and you cannot bear to spend more than a few minutes away from one another. To celebrate the end of a tough week, you club together to buy yourselves a weekend treat. It costs most of your meagre savings but it is worth it just to savour the moment in each other's presence.

In fact, the treat is so special that you cannot wait to get it home before trying it. Perhaps there is somewhere private you can unwrap it, just to look at it. You won't indulge just yet, but you want to make sure that it looks as good in the flesh as it did in your imagination.

You squeeze in close together to inspect your purchase. It looks as wonderful as you could possibly imagine. You love each other so much. You go weak at the knees just thinking about how beautiful this moment together will be.

Unfortunately the police have seen you go into the public toilet cubicle and you get assaulted and are arrested for unlawful possession of a Class A drug.

Heroin, the love of your life.Just why do we persecute people for it?

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  1. I wondered what it was going to be...didn't think of Heroin though!!